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Please witness a spiral of insanity. Thank you.

shadegarden said: Hey haven't seen you on in a while - I hope you are all right. Hugs

Gah, thanks, I’m sorry for being such a jerk and pulling a vanishing act like this. RL is alternately super stressful and super draining right now (sometimes both), and actually has temporarily squished my ability to properly enjoy lighthearted fannish escapades. Or rather, it has squished my attention span, or my ability to redirect my attention to things that are mood-elevating, if not the things I should be doing, or something like that.

I will be alright, and I do want to get back to actively blogging or Barrowing or whatever I was doing before. I’m just a bit too overwhelmed or burnt out or something at the moment.

Anyway. Thank you SO MUCH for your message, shadegarden— and yours too, are-are-kay (because you sent that incredibly kind pm to the same effect ages ago, but I hadn’t responded because the middle part about Thomas Barrow’s evil face was too amusing so I hoarded it too long and then I surprised myself and went completely incommunicative). Your well-wishes are amazingly comforting.



can we talk about Mrs Patmore’s gaydar

Love Mrs. Patmore!!!

I like to think she has a beloved gay nephew or something, but then I remember about her only known nephew. :(

I like to think she’s just rather clever, imaginative, and actually a genuinely caring person (you can be incredibly kind, but also intimidatingly explosive, like Mrs. Patmore was to Daisy in S1 in particular).

Like, whether she knows another gay person or not, I think she just generally doesn’t go in for a lot of pointless moral outrage. Her personality…her default setting, seems to be to feel benevolently towards people— like, not that she’ll necessarily get ALONG with everyone, or be in a position to go to bat in their corner (or want to marry them and make them sandwiches forever), but she sees (or at least senses the existence of) the perfectly comprehensible and feeling human being driving even the most ill-fated, socially depreciated of actions…

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Thommy fic that I wrote while I was waiting for Flippy to put up a story, but Camael says that it’s up now yay!

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…actually no wait i don’t care I’LL TAKE IT *clings to happy version like a life-raft*


The Gripping Saga

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Thommy fic that I wrote while I was waiting for Flippy to put up a story, but Camael says that it’s up now yay!

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ajkshd;lakjdakljsd WHY? WHY???!?!?!??!?

lkajd;slkja;ds woman we need to have a conversation about this


OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. (sobs)  I don’t want to say anymore, I don’t want to spoil it.  Oh God oh God…YOU BASTARD! (jk ‘bastard’, still love you, but you bastard!)

^^^ sums up my feelings on this subject PERFECTLY. 

But, but, but! Um, and nobody read beyond this point if you haven’t read the story yet because spoilers ahead.

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Note: Here you go.  Hope I give you the feels.

Summary: Somebody has to be the sensible one.

Rated: Sappy

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This could easily devastate our small corner of fandom it’s just slaying fannish entities and turning them to (blubbering) goo left and right ;P

No but. Oh my god, flippyspoon, I LOVE this development arc for Jimmy. It makes so much sense for what we already know of his character, too, that even the sweetest, profoundest, most delectable love would be something he’d just as soon try to bottle up (and sort of curl up around in self-defense— and in defense of it) as try to act on.

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Seeing a kickstarter funding a documentary about bisexuality (The Outsiders of The Outsiders) come across my dash got me excited, but naturally I wanted to make sure that the project was something I could get behind because god knows there’s been a lot of problematic and inaccurate stuff that…

I refuse to support or promote a cissexist, binarist, racist and transphobic documentary that paints my community in an inaccurate light and purposefully and will fully refuses to listen to the community the film is about!

I refuse to let a cissexual white man define bisexuality FOR me anymore. That shit ended with Freud. We are the community and we will not be ignored, silenced or have our lives co opted or erased!

He either changes it or we should withdraw ALL support so it FAILS it’s funding goals. If reason and logic won’t make him listen to the people he “represents” then maybe a lack of funding will.

Email him your displeasure.FIGHT BACK!

Oh wow, in other words “Let’s See How Many Bi People I Can Shout Over and/or Erase While Explaining How Bi People Have Been Shouted Over and Erased: a Documentary.”


What the city is missing: Thierry Cohen photographs cityscapes and then photographs deserts at night, combing the two to show us what our cities would look like with the lights off. The stars are not enhanced, they are actual photos from relative latitudes that would expose the same starry sky view if it weren’t for light pollution. Click on each photo to see which city it is.

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they had to build Arthur Conan Doyle a large circular coffin to compensate for all the spinning he was going to be doing and he hasn’t stopped spinning ever since.

They hooked up a generator to him and now his spinning powers half of London.

Utopian solution to the energy crisis!

The “subversion-of-Victorian-sensibilities” generator.

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